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Features in btc script Best investment software

  • Referral Commission
    • Our Doubler script has its own referrals system integrated right into it. BTC Doubler generates a referral code for each of your investments and rewards sponsor, when a new signup is created with that referral code.
  • Promotional Tools
    • Promotional tools are tactics or activities you plan and execute to persuade consumers to buy your products or services. As a consumer, you likely partake of these activities yourself without realizing it.
  • Instant Payout:
    • Payout requested by the investors, are administered through Payout Management. If admin enable the Instant Payout means, all the payout requested by the investors will be paid to their gateway id immediately once they requested.
  • Release Deposit any time:
    • ARM btc comes with a premature closing feature .So user can request release of their deposited amount any time and when they required by paying the closing fee.
  • Responsive Layout
    • Our Cryptocurrency doubler script has a responsive layout that will respond to your screen width and make content appearance is perfect on all devices, from large desktop screens to mobile phones and tablets.
    • - As the administrator, you can change any details for yourself and all other users. For security reasons, you cannot see any user’s password.
    • - Add user: As an administrator, you can quickly add new members. The system will automatically send an email to the new member with the password. Edit users: You can edit any user information at any time. Changes are applied instantly.
    • - Search users: Our search features allows you to find the user more easily and accurate. You can filter the users by date (Join From and Join to Date), First name, last name, email is and username. Delete users: As an Admin you can delete the users, if he violate the rules
  • Refer a Friend
    • We make it easy to share sites with your friends simply tell them your referral ID and start earning cash.
  • Detailed Statistics
    • Detailed search statistics allows you to track complete statistics of search based on keywords, engines and time period. This could help you to get information about your search engine growth and user trends.
  • Dashboard
    • Arm btc comes with the business intelligence tools in Investor and Admin backend to ensure you’re always in the know about your financial health..
  • Search engine optimized
    • The Bitcoin Doubler Script has been built using semantic HTML5 code and css allowing search engines crawl and index your web page easily.
  • BTC Automatic API
    • We focus on making all procedures as easy and flexible as possible for users. Bitcoin doubler Script has deposit and payout process is fully Automated using API.Fully automated and it is instant.
  • Payout Management
    • When investor earns amount from referring, interest and matured amount, the proceeds are deposited into your backend account. Investor can use their earnings towards investing in other plans or they can request payout.
    • Payout requested by the investors, are administered through Payout Management. You can manage easily Instant Payout through admin control panel if you buy ARM btc Script Manager .If admin enable the Instant Payout means, all the payout requested by the investors will be paid to their gateway id immediately once they requested.
  • Powerful Search
    • Search users, investment, payout, Transaction using easy search parameters. Instant search brings you the records you are looking for instantly.
  • Transaction History
    • Transaction History allows you to view all your investor’s deposits, commission, bonus and withdrawals. Transactions mean keeping a record of every move made by every investor.
      The software will log the username, which payment method have been chosen, date, transaction ID, description and amount. The advantage of transaction history is to help the admin in his decision-making.
      Admin can access the transaction history and find out who has earned the interest, deposit bonus, level commission, and also who are all request withdraw and then take a considered decision this time. Arm btc is absolutely dedicated to offering a safe and secure environment in its transactional dealings.
  • Referral system
    • The system allows the user to refer site to friends through Referral feature of the site. The users are given unique referral URL in their account area. If any of the investor joins using referral URL, the user gets Referral commission for the first deposit.
  • Email Management
    • Through Email Management admin can control mail content sending to users. Admin has a provision to edit and change the email content using rich Text Editor to match your website design, Make sure you have not deleted any code in that.
  • Deposit Management
    • The admin side has the ability to add a “Deposit” instead for the user by clicking the plan name, payment mode and amount. Instant email will be send to the users. Admin can view/ manage all the user deposit.
      Through this, Admin can also filter the deposit based on different criteria like Active deposit, matured deposit also by username, date.
      User end: Depositing money will take a few minutes only: just choose the payment method, plan and amount you want to deposit. Once you got payment success, immediately your deposit become active.
      Through deposit Listing feature, the users can know the total number of deposit made by them .The deposits are listed with fields like Plan name , amount , Payment mode , Transaction Id , Maturity date etc.
  • Sub Admin
    • Admin can create a multiple sub admin account and give access to multiple levels within your admin backend. For example, create a sub admin with access granted to settings, CMS etc... Email will be send automatically to the sub admin with the username and password to login.
  • CMS
    • The key to optimal site functionality is proper content management. Arm btc has built-in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor you can edit content like you usually do in your favorite text processor like MS Word.
      WYSIWYG toolbar contains all major buttons for text formatting: bold, align, color, font, tables, lists, Arm btc makes content editing very easy for you! This will help admin to Add, edit and update the content.
  • Settings
    • Settings are the important for a website, through which only you can implement the business idea. We can say Settings is a Heart of a btc website.

      Settings Module gives you the power to easily enable or disable the payment gateway, Level commission, Meta tag, and payment, withdraw commission, unique IP etc...

      Settings allow you to do the following functions
      You can set up different email id for contact us, sign up.
      Offers you to add N number of Levels
      Enable/disable unique IP and Unique Email ID
      Enable or hide a Payment gateway
      Mete settings allows you to add Meta title , keyword for each language
      You can Minimum withdraw amount , maximum withdraw , admin commission , number of withdraw allowed in a month using general settings
  • Promotional tools
    • Promotional Tools are available for investors in their backend. With these promotional tools, members can refer investors with less effort.
      Simply copy the HTML code of the banner and paste into your website or blog or forum. When a person clicks on the banner he will be redirect to the website directly with your referral link. It also reduces errors such as missing or wrong affiliate IDs.
  • News & Announcements
    • Arm btc allow investors to update their profiles .They can use their profiles to highlight their payment gateway by providing preferred payment gateway details.
      The profile pages can also be seen by admin in User Management, to see the payment gateway details, email id used for making payment and also contact them easily.
  • SEO Friendly
    • The system is highly SEO friendly with the provision for the administrator to provide Meta Title and Meta Description, Meta Keywords for the site.
  • Withdraw Management
    • Withdrawing funds from your account is simple and secure. ARM btc Supports multiple currencies.Just buy the ARM btc script for the simple and secure fund withdrawal. Here choose the payment mode and enter the amount you want to withdraw.
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